Whole Body Vibration

This machine creates a high-frequency vibration, which stimulates the stretch reflex in the body. The stretch reflex causes the muscles to contract involuntarily, mimicking the effects of conventional exercise without the excretion and exhaustion. 

The machine is accompanied with yoga straps to enhance the upper body and arm strength. While using this machine one can stand, sit, or lay while using weights to increase the weight-bearing effects.


10 minutes on this machine = 60 minutes of conventional exercise, with noticeable weight loss results when used 2-3 times a week in addition with a low-calorie diet.


The use of this machine has been known to :

  • Improve circulation 

  • Increase muscle strength

  • Combat cellulite

  • Improves metabolism

  • Increase flexibility

  • Improve bone density

  • Reduce joint stress