Our sweat shaper have a sauna function, which can increase natural heat, and stimulate sweat through sports activities such as running, yoga, etc., helping you to raise temperature and generate heat in a short time, thereby maintaining body heat The body burns more calories, reduces the rate of water loss, and speeds up the slimming process.

Legging Corset

SKU: 36421537510000
Color: Black
    • Hot Thermo Slimming Leggings: By wearing our heat-trapping sauna high-waisted shorts, you will experience faster increase in body heat around your waist, thus stimulate natural sweating with any physical activity in a short time, become more efficient at burning calories, and undergo an accelerated metabolism.
    • Weight Loss Shapewear : Our slimming pants works like sauna effect to boost your natural body heat and stimulate sweating with any physical activity,like running,yoga, help you raise temperature in a short time and generate the heat to keep inside your body, burn more calories, shed water weight lightning-fast,speed up slimming figure shape process.